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The first earthquake I've ever experienced in my life~

It's not really shaking that bad, but I thought it was due to the medication I took just now. I'm still recovering from the flu...

The whole office was in shock.

I dunno if it's funny, but I feel like laughing somehow. I think it must've been the side-effect of the medicines

Okashii ne~

Well, I'm not sure if anyone knows, but our home has already gotten i-net conn, about 2 weeks ago. We even have wireless, so currently there are 2 pcs at home which can be used. But since I've started working, it has been harder for me to be active online, LOL.... well, as it is, I guessed it's about time i started writing again. So as warming up, dun dun dun:

Last nite, i logged into irc, and find there's a lot of people 'parking themselves' in there, but the place was strangely quiet. Demo ne... something stranger happens after that... If you wanna tknow the full story', rin-chan has posted the 'evidence' at her vox. Well, don't expect anything out of "Supernatural", coz it's not that scary... just to make a point in my rambling, if u wanna read it >_<

Here's a few thing to note:
  • There wasn't any script  'rehearsed' before-hand.
  • I only knew rin-chan during the night of the 1st Love So Sweet on MS(I forgot the actual date, to lazy to check*bonks*)
  • I think most of my fanpals share the same 'brain-wave' with me... Watching the boys 24-7 must've altered something in my mind. I'm not sure if i minded tho... 

here's the link to that page : http://arashirin.vox.com/library/post/fangirling-in-irc.html

thanx to rin-chan for making that entry public! 

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 Yatta, I just received my first(prolly the only >_<) ang pow(red packet money) a few minutes ago... Read somewhere that I'm gonna receive unexpected cash today...  I was broke! Cudn't believe till it happened~

Arigatou Mr Dennis!!!
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He ain's heavy, he's my brother~

Well, I wrote this 'essay' about 3 weeks ago~ a few days after Happi-kun's birthday (26/2). Some of you have heard about him~ i know, it gets scary. but heck, it's nothing bad abt loving your own brother, as a BROTHER right? Maybe thru this essay, u'll the reasons why i always wanted to include him close to my heart, after my twin sister~

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My First Experience as a Working Individual

Well, just like I've told before (to anyone who'd been reading~) I was offered a position as an English tutor(I believe currently THE ONLY) at a neighbourhood tuition institution. I was happy, since this would be the first time I'm earning sumthing. I don't think I would get much of a pay, but maybe if i can use them to pay for my rents(and the rest, I'll have to depend on PaMa ), i should be glad. I never 'aru-baito'ed before(not like one of my dear friend who's actually slaving so that she can 'destroy' Japan in the near future~), and so I'm hoping that this experience will prepare me when I finally graduated from uni. Yatta!

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The first entry after declaring 'semi-hiatus'~

Told ya, this is just a 'semi-hiatus'... haha~ still, it took more than 2 days since the last time I went online(that's okay, I'm used to this already). Hurm, was just reading one e-mail, sent by my cousin who's in Exeter for her phd. She was using this weird but cute 'chinese+malay' accent(the 'Afdlin Shauki's along' version) all thru her email that she sent to all of her cousin. I guess it has sumthing to do with the recent celebration of Chinese New Year. One phrase caught my eyes, and I wanted to share it with ya , "Internet itu adalah amat keji". (direct trans: "That internet is so 'keji'?" yikes~ I should revise my english translations... basically it means something to be despised of~)

Ah... at my new 'home'... I'm staying over with my two x-coursemates(both are working in our lecturer's company) and a Chinese-Muslim senior who is doing her master. I'm staying outside campus... and my house has no internet connection. So far I'm still surviving, except the fact that I missed all of my online friends(and of course daily doses of Arashi wholesome goodies). I just met my supervisor this morning(the one who's in charge with monitoring my final year project), and I began to have a clearer optimism on how to get my studies done. She's very supportive though strict~ the most important thing is she knew what she expecting from me, and she also realized my own potentials. Thank you so much!!! This afternoon I have a meeting with members of the faculty(dunno who tho) and I had to give reasons for my 'slackingness' in the last semester. Ah well, better now than later. I'm very happy that I got past thru my phase of depressions, whatever happened, I know I have pple supporting me, and most importantly, I believed in myself.

If everything goes well, I will also give English tuitions for PMR and SPM preparation students. Wah, first time I'm earning my own money. I think I'll only be tutoring during weekends, so the pay won't be as much as a good pay, but still... English is my favourite subject, and after watching Gokusen, I feel like I want to at least teach once in my whole lifetime. I don't know how much I'll fare though. I never felt the need to take up English tuitions when i was in school, so I don't have any idea on English tutoring. These students might be even more advanced than me! One more thing, I might 'yap' non-senseically... and get out of topic. yikes... think positive thoughts~

Another thing, I will seriously try to learn Japanese now... at least later I can do something useful abt it... esp for my friends... later I can hog Toshi into properly learning Eigo... or I might just laugh at him~ "what? Super soul~ Talking more must?!!!! it was written by u, no wonder, dear!"<--in Japanese of course~

Wish me luck, minna!!! I think my mind will start functioning properly beginning today...
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Just my 2 ringgits~

I guess the Mago megapost will have to wait for a while~ instead I wanna share my thoughts, just my tiny, lil thoughts which is written in longer essays~ This was originally posted in the purple house, but I think I'll x-post it here too, so that i can turn back and read it again one, when i need it one day... This is of course a reminder to me too~

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